Digital Mailroom Services – Features and Benefits

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Eco-Mail provides critical business metrics that allow you to measure and efficiently manage your organization – company-wide. You will have a team of secure, professional mail processors opening, scanning, and sending your important communications to the appropriate recipients, all taking place while you take care of business.

With Eco-Mail digital mailroom services, you will no longer need to oversee and pay a mail department, risking loss and delivery to incorrect recipients. 

All labor, transportation, storage, duplication, interoffice, and inefficient scanning of mail are transformed by Eco-Mail at the entry point and eliminates these paper-driven costs. Mailroom consolidation, elimination of hand-sorting, and physical delivery also mean fewer resources allocated to non-revenue producing processes. 

Digitizing inbound mail isn’t just about who sorts and moves the mail. It’s about where it goes and what happens to it after it’s delivered. Eco-Mail improves almost every aspect of your business. Eco-Mail provides tremendous economic benefits, but its excellent value may be a non-dollar, adding speed and flexibility, streamlining operations, improving audit and compliance controls, helping your business become digital to the core.

With Eco-Mail, digitized mail gets delivered anywhere on earth with a couple of clicks – entering managed queues, integrating with virtually all your existing workflows, and building searchable, automated audit and trails at every step. You maximize efficiency, company-wide, and drive cost savings in every corner of your business.

A digital mail center can pay for itself in spades. Still, you may have questions like: “How do I implement digital mail? Or will it take too long to address my current problems? The answer is that implementing digital mailroom technology is both a near-term tactical solution and a long-term strategic solution.

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Developing the business case and planning the rollout with Eco-Mail can be accomplished easily and quickly, given the obvious pandemic-related drivers.

Digitizing the mailroom and automating distribution can also be accomplished very quickly. This phase allows users to work remotely and collaboratively, but without integrating automated extraction and significant workflow. A digital mailroom, either cloud-based or on-premise, can be set up in as few as 30 days. 

Implementing automated document recognition extraction and workflows is a long term process that requires rethinking existing physical processes from many operational departments. 

The list of optional features and benefits is endless, but it is easy to see that transforming to a digital format comes with huge benefits that are easy to identify but hard to measure. Faster response, tighter audit controls, improved compliance, better transparency, and metrics to manage your business. Eco-Mail delivers them all.