How to Buy Used Smartphones Without Spending a Lot

Should you want to purchase a smartphone but have a limited budget, you may want to opt for a used model rather than a brand new one. If you don’t have much experience in this field, purchasing a used smartphone can be a little tricky. Then, you should definitely check the whole condition of that phone thoroughly before you make a random purchase from the smartphone store. You might end up being cursed if you get the wrong device.

A good looking used smartphone might have a spotless case cover without any scratches, but there is no way to tell if the internal hardware or the screen interface might not work soon due to minor damages caused by the previous owner. Therefore, it is strongly advisable for you to stay away from these kinds of smartphones.

Used smartphones are often thought to be a bad deal just because they are secondhand. Well, as it turns out, not all used smartphones that you can find on the market are damaged smartphones that no longer work. Several of these old smartphones still work just as well as the new ones. The quality of second-hand smartphones will never be that terrible, so it is no longer relevant to say that.

The following are 15 useful tips you can use whenever you decide to buy a used smartphone in the future, if you have already made your final decision to buy a used smartphone and are completely certain that this is the perfect time.

SMS and Text

The chances of being able to send text messages with a phone that has great cellular connectivity are very high. Please don’t go overboard with this and just send one text. It won’t hurt. Your own good is at stake here.

In some cases, a text message conversation can be so important that you need to keep a hard copy of it so that you cannot lose it. In those instances, you can back up your text messages to your computer and protect them from falling into the wrong hands. Keeping a record of every important conversation you have via text message is highly recommended so that you can access it in the future.

Although you have backed up these text messages to your PC or Laptop, another option is to also have a copy of them somewhere else too since keeping them stored in a cloud drive or external drive does not fully guarantee their safety. Having a hard copy of important texts conversations is better than having a digital copy. If you want to preserve a meaningful message from a loved one, you may have a crucial text message that may need to be produced in a court proceeding. Yet how do you go about this?

In some cases, it might seem that the only way to printing SMS messages Android is to take a screenshot and then transfer that to a computer for printing out. Taking several screenshots of very long messages and transferring them all to your PC for printing is a time-consuming and difficult task in itself.

Fortunately, SMS EasyReader&Printer can ease your pain. With it, you can print SMS text messages very easily just as with any other software program. There are no complex steps, and anyone can use the system. You will only need to spend a few minutes completing the entire process.

What makes this application different from others? Even though you can find other options for how to print your SMS text messages from Android easily, your Smartphone is highly likely to be exposed to potential malware and security threats if you use those other apps. But with printing SMS texts Android application like SMS EasyReader&Printer can guarantee total safety work to print SMS from Android.

Scanning The Case Cover

A smartphone’s case cover is the first thing one notice. You should always run a thorough scan of the device every time you come across a used smartphone at any store. Make sure there are no physical defects or scratches on the device. It is necessary to do this in order to get a better sense of what that device has endured in the past when it was still in the possession of the previous owner.

Always Use An Original Case Cover

It is common to believe that a smartphone’s case cover will convey all information about its condition. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Putting aside how glossy the chassis of used smartphones is or how flawless their screens are, you cannot judge their overall quality. There is a high probability that the seller will already cover them up with some new 3rd party case covers that will obviously make them look new, right?

To make sure that you are always prepared as a smart customer, always keep in mind that the seller might replace the damaged case cover with some new chassis from a 3rd party.

Ensure All Physical Buttons Work Properly

Physical buttons on smartphones tend to be fragile because they tend to be damaged easily when pressed repeatedly by owners. So, before buying any used smartphone, you’ll want to make sure that all the buttons work perfectly, without any hiccups, while checking it out at the store. Pressing each physical button repeatedly is the best way to do this. Any button that has a weak or delayed response (sometimes it works, sometimes it does not) or that even does not function at all, then the best thing would be to fix it

Check The Interface’s Sensitivity Every Time

You should also consider the surface of the screen and its User Interface when purchasing a used smartphone. Make sure there are no scratches around the screen during this process and that the touch screen is still working properly. Feel the screen from corner to corner and that each corner is responding to touches.

You can try playing some of the installed apps, even high-performance games, and test the interface to see if it’s responsive. Because most users have dropped the phone on the ground several times before, this will directly impact the screen’s sensitivity.

Check the Screen for Glitch or Weird Colors

Aside from the sensitivity of the screen, the display is also an important aspect to examine. Used smartphones are usually dropped more than once by their previous owners. It’s really crucial that you inspect the entire screen to determine if there are any glitches or strange lines around the colors. You should assess the screen if any of these are evident.

Ensure The Battery Is Still In Pretty Good Condition

Batteries are undoubtedly one of the most important elements of any smartphone. Unlike any other kind of phone, touch screens tend to have poor battery life, even the new iPhone (apart from Samsung or Motorola flagships of course). Whenever you want to buy a used smartphone, you must always run a test in this sector. Besides playing high-quality 3D games, you can watch movies and videos to make sure the battery is still in pretty good condition, if not great.

Alternatively, if the battery drains fairly quickly even when you are only opening photos or listening to some music (which do not consume much energy), then there is something wrong with the battery.

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Test The Shutter Key On The Camera (If It Is There)

While it can be replaced with the on-screen virtual button, most smartphones have the physical shutter key for taking photos and videos. Nevertheless, some smartphones have a feature that lets you take photos with the shutter key, even if the screen is locked (e.g., Sony Xperia S). It’s very important that you continually press this shutter key repeatedly, even though you may not use it very often, just to make sure that it still functions correctly.

Be Sure That The Wi-Fi And Cellular Connections Are Working Still

Another important feature of a smartphone is connectivity. If your device isn’t connected to the Internet, it is pretty useless to you. There is no web browsing, no downloading and no app connectivity. To ensure this connectivity feature is functioning properly, always browse the Internet with the preinstalled browser or use any other apps that require 3G/4G and Wi-Fi on the used smartphone.

Check the Bluetooth, NFC or Offline Connection

Bluetooth and NFC are going to be extremely important factors in the future because whether you like it or not, you are going to use them very frequently to exchange data with other devices such as photos/music/videos/files, while NFC is going to be important for future mobile payments. To ensure that your phone is always connected to the internet, always run the quick test on Bluetooth, NFC or other offline functionality.