Remote Working 2021: New Ways to Communicate with Employees

As we have approached the initial days of work-from-home of2021, the ”WFH” status seems clear – clear enough to say that remote working is going to be here for some time.

The Coronavirus outbreak has managed to change our life. Whether the change is good or bad is a subjective matter, but some changes are beginning to look normal and not new.

For instance, work from home was a concept existing for many years. However, the major force, that made this concept relevant for many, was the Coronavirus outbreak.

The nationwide lockdown came as shock for many but a delight for many employees. The major organizations in the country allowed their employees to work from home for a certain period. However, this period extended as the lockdown did.

And now that we have reached another year, the pandemic is yet to leave for good and the same goes for the new remote work mode.

To manage businesses using the new work-from-home model, many companies have developed a variety of digital strategies.

While some strategies were great for companies, many strategies seem to misunderstand the work from home culture.

So in case you haven’t yet developed anything new with the company structure or in case you tried something that didn’t last for long, then we have some ideas for you.

Following are some of the ideas that can help you and your team work efficiently during the remote work culture in 2021:

Time to Show Up

One thing we all learned while working from home is that without having the responsibility to reach your workplace on time, we messed up our daily schedules.

While at the workplace employees used to arrive at a similar location, had a proper lunch break, and structured networking.

However, in remote working culture, employees lose their will to keep up an environment with shared networking.

Companies need to work on creating a 2D environment that enabled employees to share support and stay connected with their colleagues.

Creating “open hours” for employees and teams to meet virtually and share information can help companies in creating better encouragement for them.

All of this can work smoothly if employees are connected with a high-speed internet connection.

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Offer Options

Work from home was considered a luxury to employees. However, when they received the opportunity to experience this luxury they also found out the misery that comes with it – such as being easily ignored.

Many company leaders in the past months realized that due to virtual meetings employees who eagerly speak up take away the opportunity of contributing from the reserved ones.

To have a better virtual workplace culture, companies need to set up a structure that provides equal space to all.

Leaders need to prioritize a communication structure that keeps everyone engaged.

Companies can try revisiting assessment tools to understand how employees work, communicate, and troubleshoot their work-related issues.

With a well-structured, hybrid model, companies can tailor the approach of employees that feel hesitant in coming up with any issues or suggestions.

Explain new Policies

2020 caused an abrupt transition of work mode for companies.

However, 2021 is more drastic than last year.

At the very beginning of this year, companies were flooded with news about COVID-19 vaccines rolling out. The possibility of getting the employee back into workplaces gave a new shifting plan to company leaders.

However, now that many companies have worked on how to train their teams into the remote working model so they have the choice to decide which option they will use.

But the changes arising in in 2021 will bring new policies to debate.

Companies now have a big responsibility to make sure they explain their policies to the teams working under them.

Employees will have tons of questions regarding their safety and personal work-life needs. Leaders and managers should make sure they cater to the needs of their employees.


The core strength of a good communication structure in companies comes with acknowledgment.

Make sure you keep your employees engaged, appreciated, and acknowledged to create an environment of trust and support in 2021.