The Difference Between Smart Watch and Smart Band

Don’t know when more and more kinds of novel electronic products appear on the market. It makes people feel dazzling. Especially smart bands and smart watches, both of which are on wrists. What is the difference between them?


In terms of appearance, the difference between the two is not obvious. At first glance, the difference between the two is the shape. The screen of the smart watch is round, while the smart band is attached to the bracelet. Most of them are flat. The screen of the smart watch is much larger. The interface of the smart watch is more like a advanced and commercial simulation mechanical watch. And the smart band is much simpler by comparison. Smart watches look bigger, heavier and more textured. They still have a lot of inconveniences. But smart bands look much more popular. They are small and lightweight, more fit the lines of hands.


The functions difference between them is not very big. Smart watches seem to be the difference between computers and tablets to smart bands. Normal computers have many advanced applications. Such as editing videos, do complicated pictures. Playing some large-scale games that take up a lot of memory and advanced graphics cards to bring. Aithough tablets can compare some functions of computers in some extent. They can only simply process videos, drawing software. Mobile phone software will have a better experience on tablet computers. And they have characteristics that computers do not have, such as small size and portability. The same is true of smart watches and smart bands. Smart watches carry many more functions. But smart bands can meet people’s daily use and more convenient. So people who only need basic functions can give priority to smart bands. Such as exercise step recording, sleep monitoring, heart rate detection, fall determination and sedentary reminding.


smart bands have less functions, smaller screens and less consumption than smart watches. Such as HUAWEI Band 5 pro, have a battery life of about 15 days. The HONOR Watch Magic, which belong to HUAWEI. They can last for about 7 days, surpassing other ordinary smart watch products.


In general, smart watches carry high technology. So their materials are expensive. The smart band is different. It is more similar to a small smart product that is convenient for people’s life. Just like a Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth speaker, so the price will be much lower.

Smart Watch

Smart watches have much better functions than smart bands. But we need to consider them according to actual situation when choosing them. For example, if we buy them for the elderly and children, we’d better choose smart bands. Young people have a greater demand for technology and can give priority to smart watches.